Why should you apply for the Quantum Academy? | Start date – March 2023

Quantum Academy – Phase 2

Quantum currently have two innovative individuals undertaking the Academy program. Due to the current success with the Quantum Academy program, we are very excited to announce the second run of the Quantum Academy! We are taking in new applications until the 31st December, 2022, with plans to launch in March, 2023!

What is the Quantum Academy and why should you apply?

The Academy supports our ambitions and continuing strategy to develop ‘new talent’ and provide new opportunities within the market. Our purpose is to seek professional people, who perhaps have experienced resistance to joining our industry due to lack of product/market knowledge. We believe that the next generation of fantastic individuals should have an opportunity to join our market, facilitated via Quantum.

Quantum’s outlook is to promote a professional, enjoyable work environment that lends itself to young aspiring people, looking to enhance their careers. We provide facilities to improve productivity, mental health and wellbeing. These facilities include, an in-house gym, breakout areas, fresh fruit and free of charge vehicle charging to name a few! People are the heart of our business, and we want to give back, providing opportunities for growth and professional development.

Once joining the Academy, each candidate undergoes an intensive three-month training program. We have segmented each area of training, choosing a preferred supplier to cover their specialities and market offer. After completion you will become an Internal Account Manager at Quantum.

This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals looking to progress up to higher management as well as control their earnings, thanks to Quantum’s NO CAP COMMISSION EARNINGS.

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