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Emergency Services

Quantum is proud to offer a fully comprehensive 24 Hour service to its client. Designed to be as simplistic as possible, customers can simply dial the Quantum branch and have their call automatically diverted to the dedicated ‘out of hours team’. Formulated to give around the clock support, our team will check stock, and then ensure your item is ready within 30 minutes for collection any time of day/night.

24 Hour Customer Collection Facility

Our 24 Hour collection point, accessible via our secure keypad system, guarantees that customers working unsociable hours can collect their materials at any time of day and outside of working hours. We can even leave an overage of materials allowing customers to take what is needed for the job without the need to overstock their van. Each customer receives their own personal access code, which grants access to our large collection facility located at Quantum House. Just because you’re running late, doesn’t mean the job needs too!

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