Recruitment And Careers

Through the commitment, skill and professionalism of our employees, Quantum Electrical Distribution has grown to become a leading name in electrical wholesaling.

Continuing to develop skilful employees is at the centre of our ambitious growth plans for the future. We recognise that finding the right people and placing them in the right position whilst coaching them throughout their career is key to the further growth of our business and new locations across the country.

Our employees are our business, and Quantum is always seeking new and driven people to join our team to continue our success in the future.

We believe everyone has the ability to be successful, proud, and happy within the workplace and their career so that together, we build a rewarding business collectively and share our goals and achievements together.

If you feel you have the drive and ambition to join an up-and-coming team in electrical wholesaling, please contact us at

‘Denzel Washington – Dream Big’

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