The Caterham Academy Championship: The Silverstone Curse

The Curse of Silverstone

A look back at our Managing Director, Tony Jenner’s exhilarating journey with one of the world’s most successful series for novice drivers, The Caterham Academy

The Caterham Academy Championship, which offers an all-inclusive Motorsport beginners’ package for those hoping to become racing drivers, is one of the most popular novice driver competitions in the world. Over 1200 individuals, have started their racing careers after graduating from the Academy as of 2022!


For Quantum, it has been quite the adventure (complete with a curse!), but ultimately, it has left us all with memories to cherish for a lifetime. So, let’s take a look back at Tony’s eventful journey to the not-quite-finish line.

In May of this year, Tony, after several hours’ preparation, took part in his first Caterham championship race at Snetterton, and despite an unfortunate spin after holding the 6th place for most of the race, he managed to finish 10th overall! For the first race, that’s rather impressive!

However, it seems the unfortunate spin was the least of his worries!

At his next race on the 19th of June at Silverstone GP, what started as an exciting day surrounded by family, friends, customers, and sponsors, took a turn for the worst (no pun intended).

The beginning of the Silverstone Curse…

20 seconds before the end of the race, Tony was unfortunately involved in a life-threatening 100mph accident, which was followed by a further hit by another car, resulting in Tony losing consciousness.

Family and friends waited in shock as the live broadcast informed them of an accident on the track, and failing to see Tony’s car, had the daunting realisation that, it was Tony that had been involved in the accident.

Tony’s unconscious body was resuscitated at the track-side, and then rushed to the hospital for critical care.

Although the car did not fare well, we were all extremely relieved to see Tony’s healthy recovery, thanks to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, who brought Tony back to full health.

As a result, the next race, which would have been at Donington Park, was missed, as Tony was still in recovery, and the car was still damaged.

However, ever the fighter, Tony raced again at Anglesey on the 14th of August 2022, and yet again at Knockhill on the 17th and 18th of September 2022, a true inspiration to us all to never give up and that when we fall, it’s okay to get back up. Don’t let fear hold you back from something you love!

But alas, the Silverstone curse, like a dark cloud, returned at the super-finale on the 15th of October, whereby Tony barely got halfway through the race before being hit yet again.

Fortunately, this time he was unharmed however, the same cannot be said for the race car, which led to the championship being cut short.

Despite the ups and downs of the championship, which left us holding our breath and on tenterhooks the whole time, we will all miss seeing Tony race around on the track. Although, with Tony’s fighting spirit, I’m sure we’ll get to see more of that in the future! We just hope the dark cloud of the Silverstone curse will instead be replaced by bright, warm clouds, so he can fully experience the joy of the Caterham Academy Championship.

A massive congratulations to Tony Jenner for being an inspiration to us all, taking part in this challenging event, confronting near-death experiences and a curse, and still maintaining his enthusiasm in further races!

We would also like to thank our incredible sponsors for supporting Quantum throughout this race season. None of this would be possible without you.



  • 2022 CATERHAM ACADEMY White Group Provisional Championship Standings: Tony Jenner ranking 17th
  • 2022 Caterham Academy Championship– Snettherton 21st May- Tony Jenner 10th/24
  • 2022 Caterham Academy Championship – Silverstone GP 19th June – Tony Jenner 24th/47
  • 2022 Caterham Academy Championship – Donington 9th July – N/A
  • 2022 Caterham Academy Championship – Knockhill 17th & 18th September- Tony Jenner 13th/20
  • 2022 Caterham Academy Championship – Silverstone GP 15th October- Tony Jenner 12th/22

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