Quantum: Ecologi – Tree Planting Update

Tree Planting!

Quantum’s Green Initiatives:
Quantum’s newest green strategy is our Plant a Tree program. We’ve partnered with Ecologi to plant trees and transform the climate crisis one tree at a time. Every time Quantum makes a sale, we donate a portion of the profit to Ecologi’s programme. Ecologi are specialists in carbon recapture and reforestation, and they work tirelessly to plant trees on Quantum’s behalf.
Here’s how it works: You make a purchase; we plant a tree. Simple as that. It’s all paid for from our profits, so no cost is passed on to the consumer.
Working together we can make a real difference. Planting trees —as well as Quantum’s other Green Initiatives — helps to offset the carbon footprint associated with every sale. Reforestation also aids in replenishing biodiversity and the preservation of endangered species.

So far we have planted an incredible 11,655 trees!

See our progress here: https://ecologi.com/quantumelectricaldistribution

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