British Airways Captain visits Quantum House, Crawley.

In a curious twist of fate, a British Airways Captain found themselves frequently encountering Quantum delivery vehicles while navigating the bustling airside lanes of Gatwick Airport.

Intrigued by this frequent rendezvous, the captain delved into the world of Quantum, uncovering our deep-rooted involvement in Gatwick Airport’s infrastructure, Academy, and Green initiative programs.

To our pleasant surprise, a phone call soon followed, with an invitation extended to visit Quantum House in Crawley for a deeper dive into our operations.

At Quantum, we take immense pride in our contributions to Gatwick Airport, leveraging our fleet of airside vehicles, including our lightning-fast electric models, to deliver round-the-clock emergency services and maintain a substantial stockholding. But it doesn’t stop there – our commitment to carbon neutrality and community upliftment sets us apart.

If you’ve yet to acquaint yourself with Quantum Electrical Distribution and our innovative services tailored for the aviation sector, allow us to extend an invitation to connect with one of our esteemed Account Managers at 01293 213 007 or shoot us an email at

Let’s chart a course together towards excellence in aviation infrastructure.

Quantum’s airside delivery service helps you maximise your working week by delivering your materials airside at Gatwick airport, direct to site via our specially trained airside personnel, thanks to our independent Airside License.

With 6 dedicated airside vehicles and skilled drivers, we’re ready for all developments of projects on Gatwick Airport.

Call now to place an order or visit us at the branch: 01293 213 007

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