Quantum Rewards

Every time you spend with Quantum you can earn rebates back on your own personal Mastercard. By signing up to our Quantum rewards plan, you get cashback for every purchase. Use your Quantum card however you like, anywhere that displays the Mastercard symbol. Reward yourself with a night out, a well-deserved holiday, or even just putting it towards the weekly grocery shop!

How it works

You receive a prepaid Mastercard personalised with your name. All rewards earned will be credited to your card. Each rebate card is uploaded monthly following payment of the prior month. Your card comes with a secure chip and pin, allowing you to spend up-to the balance of the card. All transactions are authorised at the point of sale and additional services including balance update can be found using the Edenred App.

For more information, contact your Quantum representative.

How to apply/criteria

Quantum recommends customers to have minimum spend of £100,000.00 annually, however, we endeavour to review applications on a case by case basis to see if we can find and negotiate a target that fits your business spend. From then on, it’s quite simple, we register your details with Edenred, create your card and you’re ready to go. The more you spend, the more you earn! How you spend it… is your choice, flights, holidays, or your deserving partner! Collaborate with Quantum and start enjoying the Quantum rewards card today!

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