Announcement: Quantum is Now a FORS Accredited Fleet Operator

Safer, Greener, Faster Logistics with FORS. A Huge Well Done to Team Quantum!

It’s been a long process, and we’re excited to announce that Quantum has been awarded FORS accreditation at all branches! We couldn’t be happier to celebrate this with our entire team who have worked so hard to achieve this milestone.  

What is FORS?

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary scheme designed to help fleet operators improve standards in their logistics operations. Accreditation is a mark of approval that recognises a company’s high standards in operating their fleet. To attain FORS status a company must demonstrate that they achieve exemplary levels of best practise in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection in their logistics operations.

The Benefits of FORS:

For fleet operators like Quantum, FORS is a way of ensuring that we’re operating in a safe and eco-friendly manner every day. FORS also provides benefits to those who work with us. Choosing to work with a FORS accredited company brings the peace of mind that they’re properly managing work related road risk. It also means that you can demonstrate to customers that you’re committed to exceeding industry expectations in the handling of logistics.

Continual Improvement:

It’s not enough just to achieve FORS accredited status. FORS continually monitor and check the standards of all members to ensure they continue to maintain the same standards of practise. FORS are also continually updating their regulations to further improve safety requirements. To keep your accreditation, you’ve got to stay up to date too.  

The Next Step:

Achieving FORS status is a fantastic step forward for Quantum. A huge thankyou is owed to every member of our dedicated team, who have worked so hard to help us achieve this goal. But FORS is only a single step on a much larger journey. Our goal is to provide only the best service and highest standards nationwide, and now it’s time to look to the future.

If you’re interested in leaarning more about FORS or Quantum, contact us on social media, or phone us at:

Crawley branch:          01293 213 007
Chichester branch:      01243 681 007

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